Local Roundup: Vinyl Tap and Wonder Records

Would you like your vinyl records with beer, or with a skateboard? In this local roundup post, we look at some of the interesting things paired with vinyl records. But if you want a traditional tandem, vinyls and the best record player will always look good together.

Vinyl Tap Takes Over Family Wash Space

Vinyl Tap, a record store and craft beer bar, is taking over the Family Wash space in Nashville after almost a year since the latter served it’s final shepherd’s pie on the location. Just within the last week, demolition of the building’s interior seem to have already begun. You can monitor the progress of the construction on Instagram or Facebook (as of writing, their website isn’t live yet).

Todd Hedrick, an East Nashvillian and a Vinyl Tap co-owner, says that they are hoping to open by May. They are planning to offer used and new vinyl records and to serve craft beer that’s mainly from Tennessee. Hedrick adds that they’ll have around 24 taps, together with wine and a basic food menu. As for long-term plans, Vinyl Tap is also hoping to have live music sometime in the future.

Vinyl Records and Skateboards

Wonder Records is the only place that sells vinyl records in Harrisonburg, a city in Virginia. Situated at 29 W. Water St., the store houses a lot of records — from hip-hop to rock and what have you. And they are all conveniently arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy for collectors to find what they are looking for. Visitors of the store are greeted by guitars dangling from the walls, as well as by skateboards too, of all things.

The store is sharing space with Wonder Skate, a skateboard shop operated by Jesse Hammer. Elliot Downs, the owner of Wonder Records, have always dreamed of having a record store. That dream was realized sometime in 2011, when Hammer permitted Downs to sell vinyls in a section of his shop. LPs together with skateboards may seem odd, but the merge have allowed the niche stores to thrive in small city.


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